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About the Founders

Passionate humanitarians, it is their on-the-ground experience with women in need that led EMG to first take root in Kitale Kenya. EMG’s Founders have been actively contributing to community-oriented projects both on the ground in East Africa and through international support for years. Eco Mama’s Global was founded as a means to contribute to healing our planet and its people, towards a brighter future for all our children, where clean water, air, and access to resources (including organic food) are natural human rights for all. EMG values: Integrity. Equality. Sustainability. Love.


Our Team

Shayna - Executive Director of Eco Mama's Global Community Gardens

Director on the board at Eco Mama’s Uganda Ltd, Former General Manager of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition's Vancouver Campus, founder of IHN's Overseas Apprenticeship Program, avid world traveller, vocal environmental and human rights activist; Shayna's passion for sustainability isn't something she does, it is who she is. From living and working in some of the worlds poorest countries, and sharing wisdom with the women of their nations, Shayna's passion stems from real life, on the ground experience with people and the environment in which they live. Whether local or international, Shayna believes that co-creative education inspiring Consciousness about each other and the world in which we live, is the only way to a sustainable future. Shayna is the proud mother to three beautiful children and wife to co- founder Ado. She regularly practices yoga, meditation and organic gardening when she is not spending time preparing healthy food for family and friends.

Ado - Co-Founder of Eco Mama’s Global Community Gardens

Founder of Eco Mama’s Uganda Ltd, organic gardener, and proud African-Canadian father of three - Ado is honoured to represent the people of his homeland through Rudi Organics products and Eco Mama’s Community Gardens, both in Canada and abroad. Ado’s active role in the organization as International Liaison has provided Eco Mama’s with invaluable expertise, including his use of 5 languages to ensure equitable trade practices are being exercised in all activities and products produced. Ado is a true Pan-African at heart, and believes in equality for all human beings. Ado’s diverse life experience and cultural background connects him on a heart level to people of all nations and descents anchored with the birth of humanity from our East African roots. Ado’s passion is in organic farming, and he holds a strong vision for sustainability through organic agriculture in Africa. Ado meditates, practices yoga and cooks amazing holistic, Afro- Canadian fusion dishes when he is not in the garden or liaising with our teams in East Africa.

Ado and Shayna have both completed certificates in Herbal Medicine in the tropics through ANAMED in Kenya, as well as the Permaculture Design Course through Permaculture USA at Langara College in Vanocuver, BC, which have been incorporated into the offerings at Eco Mama’s Global Community Gardens. The couple are parents to three beautiful children, Kydan, Kala and Xander, who light up their lives, and bring purpose to all that they do.

Brandi - Director of International Development for Eco Mama’s Global Community Gardens. Director on the board at Eco Mama’s Uganda Ltd.

Brandi has a passion for food, travel and adventure and enjoys embarking on challenges that take her outside of her comfort zone, “because that’s where the magic lies”.

After spending the better part of her early adult years raising 3 boys and dabbling in Interior Design, she followed her interests in food and nutrition and achieved a First Class Honours Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, Canada. Today she is able to apply her love of travel, design, food and teaching with work she is doing in Kenya and Uganda. Brandi has witnessed the power of nutritional education, healthy cooking practices, bringing value back to the food that is grown organically and linking it to one’s health as fundamental in the health and wellbeing of youth, women and the communities she’s had the pleasure of working with. It is through these rewarding experiences that a desire was ignited to join EMG where she could continue to make a positive impact that will span generations to come.

Juliet - Holistic Health Educator & Project Coordinator- Kenya

Juliet is the proud mother of 4 and the guardian to an additional 3 children. She lives in Kitale Kenya, not far from the village she was born and raised. Juliet has a college diploma in Food and Beverage Management and has been educated in Holistic Nutrition, Natural Medicine and Biointensive Farming.

As Project Coordinator for EMG Kenya, Juliet educates women (primarily) and children on the importance of growing organic food, helps implement the planting of crops, gives nutritional information about the foods they are growing and consuming.

“I’m proud to have this opportunity to work for EMG and to change people’s lives for the better!”

Felix - Project Manager for Eco Mama’s Global- Uganda

Felix M. Likami’s passion is building healthy soils for raising quality food. He holds a Bsc. in Natural Resource Management from Egerton University- Kenya and a diploma in Biointensive Agriculture. Both of these add so much value to his quest to empower communities in realizing the enormous benefits of Biointensive Agriculture.


Felix has worked as an Environment and Health Officer at Kibos Sugar & Allied Industries Ltd, a college administrator at Kenya College of Science and Technology, and a volunteer trainer at Manor house Agricultural Centre, all leading to his position as the founder and director of Biointensive Support Group that embraces household farming techniques. Felix’s vast experience has laid the basis for his new position as the Project Manager for Eco Mama’s Global- Uganda.

Samuel - Operations Consultant for Eco Mama’s Uganda Ltd.

Samuel graduated with a bachelors degree in Procurement and Supplies Management in 2007 and Law Development Centre in 2004. He worked with Byenkya, Kihika & Co. Advocates in Kampala Uganda from 2001- 2006, Kampala Associated Advocates as legal assistant from 2006- 2008 and then with the International Justice Mission from 2012- 2016 as Case Operations Legal Officer. Currently, in addition to being the Operations Consultant for EMU he is working with Akola Project as their Operations Manager. Samuel is also the lead pastor at Life In Jesus church and has a passion for empowering marginalized people.

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