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In December 2017, Eco Mama’s Uganda acquired 6.3 acres of land in Wakalenge Village near Jinja, Uganda. In the short time since acquiring the property a bore hole was drilled to provide easy access to clean water for our members and the community at large. Composting toilets were also built. A shipping container was moved onto the site where it has been repurposed and renovated into a classroom, storage and extensive covered outdoor educational space. 

Our Community Garden has been a success from its infancy. Two acres has been allocated exclusively for demonstration gardens. With out team of Kenyan and Ugandan facilitators providing training to local community members, our demonstration gardens have been built from the ground up by hands-on certifiable workshops. This year, EMU community members receiving free education in bio intensive agriculture will form a CBO (Community Based Organization) as a means of formally banning together to utilize their new skill set and get their organic produce to the market for sale.

This project has gained recognition both nationally and internationally for its sustainability efforts.

A special note from Eco Mamas Uganda Project Manager, Felix Likami

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